Sunday, 29 January 2012

Why I don't like Facebook anymore

Just like 99% of the population of my age (not an actual estimate), I have a Facebook account which I do regularly visit. My visits are caused due to my phone which makes it so easy for me to jump on there, see what's going on with people and comment/like/etc. After being a Facebook user for years I have finally started hating it, the word 'hate' is seriously used here without intents of exaggeration. There are a few reasons I have started hating Facebook and here they are.

A lot of the people I have in my Facebook circle are from my previous high school. I have some annoying people on my Facebook, granted it wasn't a great high school but hey, no schools perfect right so you will meet weird people along the way. The reason why the people I have on Facebook link with my dislike for it is due to peoples pathetic 'schizophrenia'. That word might make you think 'what?' and well let me explain. Many people I have on Facebook are almost Schizophrenic in terms of their facebook statuses, the statuses being more frequent than the average human heart beats per minute get quite annoying. The statuses range from delusional 'love' (which is the most overused word of this generation) to the many random spurts of nothingness. The term nothingness covers just what it explains, many people post statuses about things you would never ever want to read. When I read a Facebook status, most of the times I end up regretting the 5 seconds of my life reading and 25 seconds of my life shouting in anger over it. Statuses like "I want to watch TV but cant be bothered to pick up the tv remote, its over there" make me want to punch myself repeatedly with bost fists. But hey, don't worry, we are getting to the good stuff.

The worst statuses by far, absolute worst which make me want to end many acquaintances with people are the Facebook statuses about people moaning. People in this day and age like sympathy, they are what my good friend calls "attention hookers". They have no absolute shame and will not think twice on posting a status about them being 'depressed' all the time. Now you may say "hey what if they are really sad, leave them alone", well I would agree with you however, here is where the schizophrenia kicks in. These people gather the attention from people by posting depressive statuses while simultaneously posting other Facebook statuses or comments about doing something fun. These people will be talking to you on msn about how much fun watching the x factor is whilst posting a status about depression. Gathering pathetic and undeserved empathy whilst multitasking. Oh how my blood boils at the sight of this, I feel used, abused and slapped in the face when I read something on Facebook which is trying to extract undeserved empathy/sympathy from me.

Just two paragraphs ago I mentioned the delusional love and never went too deep into it, I feel like expanding it and so lemme explain it a little bit. The teenage love, crush, sex partnership, whatever you may call it. These days there is an almost 9/10 chance of you stumbling upon a status either about 'love' or a status posting lyrics from a song about 'love'. The subject just never ceases to leave the teenager minds of today, the constant hammering of the four letter word just tattoos itself into your hippo-campus allowing itself to be permanently remembered. People just love to exaggerate, hey I just did some exaggeration a second ago. I don't understand why but liking someone can never be 'good enough'. Appreciating a person for who they are and wanting to spend time with them is never 'good enough'. People of today just love to exaggerate their love for someone, being cheesy in love is fine but being exaggerate on love which barely qualifies as a relationship is just stupid. People who either like a girl they have never spoken to or like a girl they barely date are ones swimming on the seventh cloud, dropping Facebook statuses about their loved every time the clock hits a new hour and in the process are annoying their friends list.

The "attention hookers" a term which does not only cover females, do not make that misconception please. Is a term I am using right now for all those people who take pictures of themselves inappropriately to get attention. May it be to feed their insecurity that they need to see a picture of theirs get "100 likes" because they are showing cleavage to the maximum degree or may it be to make their useless day produce something. Whether its guys in a toilet without a shirt on or women holding the camera above their head to capture their external organs, people's pictures on Facebook can get very annoying.

Moving a bit away from people and more into people with applications on Facebook, I must mention all the invitations to the stupid video games I keep receiving. Sometimes I am in a train and my phone rings to alert me, now I do not know what it is alerting me for so I will take it out of my pocket to check if its something important and what I will see is a stupid invitation to Farmville. These invitations would have been excused if they were temporary but no, they are so frequent that I had to ban all of them. But to my surprise, new games always keep popping up and always annoy me because its a new beast which I now need to ban before it drives me insane. 

Other than people annoying me, its also the different 'social pages' which never fail to make my face go red. These pages are pages with entertaining names which I ended up liking when I was an idiotic 13 year old and now they are back to haunt me. Just as Scrooge was haunted by the ghosts of his past, these pages haunt me as they post new statuses themselves every minute which I have to plummet through to find my friends (yes I do have some friends which don't annoy me). These social pages post the most out of context and stupid statuses I have ever seen, some statuses I liked about the ninja turtles manage to post a status about 'love' coming a full circle to burden me with hate. Also, it is the fact that these pages are funny little groups which people like and groups which should not be posting something to do with relationships every minute makes me mad. These statuses purpose should not be to hammer you with love stories, asking you for hearts in a 'whorified' way, no ones intention is to receive their constant statuses when they like the page and the page should stop bothering us. No matter where I go these statuses will be present to disappoint, I wish these social pages were not in the thousands so I could have easily deleted them all by now.

I will never disable my account because some people are brilliant on Facebook and it helps me keep contact with many friends, including ones thousands of miles away. However, as I pray on this fateful night, my Facebook friends circle will get clearer and clearer with times passing. The 'idiocracies' of the past will fade just as I learn to pick better friends and be a better person. With my own social growth, the dirt will almost get fertilised out of the border of friends in my account. Someday Facebook will be a better place, lets just hope I haven't raised my blood pressure high till death by then.

Hey you, your the person who actually read all of the article, its an article I had fun writing and do not think that I am a 'Scrooge' like character who is just bitter. I just had fun pointing out some things that I genuinely dislike, I hope you found this entertaining to read and I hope you can empathise with some of this.


  1. This cracked me up, because it is oh-so true on all accounts. I love the pics.

  2. I read your article because recently this past months came to this culmination sensation that I was just bored of Facebook and in all honesty, was ready to punch the screen everytime I went on it after being bombarded with the depressive love statuses, the meaningless banter, and the overall evidence of the obsessions behind people and their opinions. It's ludicrous now, and after all this, I feel like your article pinpoints as some other readers, most likely like myself, also have come to the point of asking themselves, "WHY?" when it comes to Facebook, statuses, and this obsession of everyone wanting to know every little detail about someone, or endure the infamous attention whore. Kudos to you for standing up and writing this article!

    1. Thank you very much for reading the article! The rage you and your friends feel when you read the monotonous love statuses is one me and my friends feel too :P

  3. This is so cool that you don't like facebook anymore.To delete the facebook account visit this site

  4. it was a nice article, and i had some fun reading to it.

  5. Nice one mate! So true. Facebook is way over rated! You've made some valid points in your article. Well said!

  6. No kiddin already! Oh! One thing you forgot to mention: why do people add people they Know have always hated them!!?? People like your EXs EX brother in law who despised the very ground you walk on? ...or your EXs young teen kid who was not even on earth when you divorced,by A different EX?? Etc,etc. WHY!!??? Did they not divorce you for a reason!?._ ( reason being you were despised and rejected and never wanted to see their ugly face again?!) Jeeeeeeepers Idiot people! Get a life!

  7. My issue with Facebook, is the addictive nature of it. Also, the psychological pressure of needing to sound smart and right. And the pressure of having to respond coherently, when you're tired or involved with something else.

    Unfortunately, you sometimes see a discussion you might have some valuable input for, and you might occasionally want to express your appreciation for an individual whom you admire.

    So, my solution is to always use an alias (even if it's obvious who you really are; doesn't really matter), and just jump in every once in a while, make some comments and engage, but don't stay too long.

    Maybe some people love to be on Facebook all the time, that's ok. But for certain personality types, I think Facebook is something to be tasted, not part of our daily diet.

    1. I really agree with your point on psychologically needing to sound smart.

      Your solution is something I have been doing since the past year, what I do is I have certain friends I keep contact with through only Facebook and occasionally I talk to them or see what they're up to so I can (if I feel the need) add my own input. But I never daily go on Facebook or always feel the need to keep a new status up, that's something I left about a year ago and its been great ever since, in other friends "not part of our (my) daily diet" anymore. Thank you for the comment.

  8. Faceshit or Facecrack is something has been created to control you and your life, to make you even more miserable, sad and weak if you suffer from some kind of depression and to keep you away from the real life.
    It doesn't help you to socialize at all and it doesn't give you freedom.
    If you meet some of the people that are your friend in Facebook in the reality they don't even say hello.
    The attention seekers not only post bullshit in their status but also all their life, photos and very personal things...they just live their real life to post it in Facebook!!!
    And do you want to speak about all the people that are dead and that still have their account?...
    Thit is real shit.
    I haven't deleted my account because I try to use it now only to keep in contact with some good people and to post some some of my art.

  9. There are so many people like you and myself that just keep facebook to keep in touch with some distant friends and family, but would really prefer another option. I wonder what percentage of facebook users feel that way. I bet it's pretty high. I guess it's only a matter of time before another better option takes off.

  10. I stumbled across you blog via your entry about Bible Black and Judas. This post I couldn't agree more with. I really want to close out my Facebook account because, sadly, I have so many miserable friends that really bring me down. They post constantly about how horrible their lives are and it is everybody's fault but their own. Combined with the hateful political posts (on both sides) I get pretty nauseated with Facebook.

    I wish we could just post the funny and happy things that occur on a day to day basis, and maybe some ones where sympathy and need for friends is really and truly needed...