Sunday, 4 September 2011

Old people don't sit next to you on the bus if you have a piercing

The title says it all... Okay so now we are in a day and age where people do not stereotype and judge others from their appearance, yeah right. Since I have gotten a labret piercing under my lip, no old people ever sit next to me on the bus!

Okay I don't personally desire an old person's company whilst I'm sitting on the bus listening to my music but,it does bother me the way they look at every other seat in the bus to sit at before even considering the free seat next to me. I guess they will get over the piercing, and if they don't, I don't really mind, they were born in old times and for them a piercing does holds meanings which it doesn't for us.


  1. The older generations seem to hate all things new - they probably just like for everything to stay the same, once they get to a certain age.

    I don't want to sound arrogant, but do you think people just lose their open-mindedness once they hit a certain point in their lives?

    Hold your head high, I like your piercing! :3

  2. I think people might just get tired of accepting so much new stuff once they hit an old age and just leave their open-mindedness on purpose .. well atleast some old people

    Thank you :D!

  3. Yeah.. maybe they just like things to be constant, and stable, after a lifetime of change? Or maybe they're just cynical mushrooms who hate all teenagers. Who knows?

  4. Yeah definitely , oh and hoodies too .. since were already throwing some of their hates out.