Sunday, 4 September 2011

The Son of The Mask

In my childhood I was a massive Mask fan, you know the funny cartoon with the green faced guy in the banana yellow suit. The show was so popular it even got a hit movie which starred Jim Carrey! It was all brilliant for the Mask and its fans until this abominal dog turd hit the movie theatres.

This movie begins with a dog finding the mask and soon giving it to the baby of some random guy who we do not know at all. The movie then displays its sheer stupidity by creating a "God of Mischief" (Oh No! <sarcasm>) called 'Loki' (honestly, thats the name), the "God of Mischief" himself wants the mask back or else he will be in trouble with his dad "Odin" (seriously bad names must be a family tradition). The supposed "God of Mischief" tries to get the mask back from the baby throughout the whole film combining painfully dull slapstick comedy and horrendous scripting.

The films plot is pathetic (surprise surprise!) the plot is predictable and uses stupid and overused cliche's to progress; providing a predictable ending which makes you wanna chop your limbs off. The films CG makes super mario look like a masterpeice (okay im just exaggerating here). The baby looks extremely fake and one word 'CREEPY'. The baby is actually scary in this movie, I have watched some horrors in my time but 'Son of The Mask' holy sh**does it scare the crap out of me, don't believe me? here

The films full of over acting and I dont blame the actors; after reading the script I'm not surprised they didn't get plastic surgeries and ship themselves to the island from Lost. A quote from the script (don't read if your squeamish this is nightmarishly bad):

Loki: Thanks for dropping by
Museum security guard: Dropping?
Loki: Bye!

People say that I should go easy on this cause its a 'kids film' well you know what, NO! This film single handedly killed the Mask franchise, destroyed a bit of my childhood, gave cancer to monkies in saudi arabia and is a total pathetic showcase of how low humanity can go. This movie should be exterminated from existence and should serve as a reminder that slapstick comedy with dull plots, forgettable characters cannot carry a movie on by itself.

I give this movie 2 rotten green masks out of 10



  1. It really defaced a Jim Carey classic...

  2. Ughh I know right! I loved the mask due to Jim and then we get this crap