Thursday, 19 January 2012

Asura's Wrath Demo Impressions

When a legendary company like Capcom states they are making a new IP, it has to send atleast a little bit of excitement your way... 

The latest IP by Capcom is Asura's Wrath, little of its story is known but what I saw so far was interesting. AW's cutscenes were fairly enjoyable, very anime-ish and were integrated well into the combat. Speaking of combat, it was not enjoyable. AW's combat works on you fighting in a 'hack & slash' form for a few minutes before being interrupted by a cutscene which is immediately followed by a monotonous shooting gameplay mechanic. Shooting you ask, shooting is basic, you hold square and scroll over stuff to shoot. Very basic and extremely boring after the first few minutes. After the 'hack/slash' & shooting mechanics, the third and final gameplay mechanic is a 'quick time button event driven' custscene. That long word means, you press buttons in the middle of custscenes to make Asura do things such as punch a God. As exciting as punching a God sounds, its boring. 

The games main problem is that none of the gameplay mechanics are fully refined, every gameplay mechanic is weak and the game knows it. Every time you feel as if you are finally starting to play a game, the game will stop you and make you watch a custscene. I am not exaggerating, the game distracts you atleast every 3 minutes and 3 minutes is too f*ing early! It is so annoying for the game to pull you out of a mechanic every 3 minutes. It feels as if the game is holding you with a leash and is constantly pulling you through it. It is boring frustration at its best. The demo featured an interesting story which I wanted to know more about, but the gameplay bored me to tears. With a demo lasting only 30 minutes which still manages to bore you, I am worried for this game as I couldn't even imagine myself playing the whole game for 6+ hours.

I hope the demo for AW does not represent the full game as the game really looks interesting. I would love to have a fun game around the story and world Capcom have created. Also fighting Gods which are larger than Earth just sounds so cool, I want to see it done well. C'mon Capcom, you can do it, just don't mess this up!

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  1. I've always been a fan of Capcom, so hopefully this bust out another stellar IP. I'm very excited for the new DMC. I know they passed it off to Ninja Theory, but it still looks tight. Can't wait!

    1. Hopefully this is another good IP, if you ever get the chance to play the demo, you will understand how I feel, Its like seeing something great but not experiencing anything good when you tap into it,

      the new DMC I'm personally a little sad cause ninja theory has never wowed me with any of their games and also, the change of dante's appearance hit me bad, but your absolutely right, the gameplay and graphics look great for the new dmc.