Friday, 6 January 2012

Bethesda needs to make up to the PS3 gamers

Skyrim, I wish I could sit here and tell you how much I love the game, but I can't do that because I haven't been able to play it yet. After waiting over 2 years for this game, all I can do is sit and hear other people speak of their great play through's. Bethesda has given us PS3 players a version of Skyrim that runs on a pathetic frame rate around 20 hours into the game and becomes unplayable after around 60 hours of gameplay into the game. For a game thats supposed to be a large adventure full of hundreds of hours, its clear that PS3 gamers have been treated like sh*t.

Games coming with bugs only apparent on the PS3 version is nothing new to the gaming world. It is understandable too as the PS3 version is, in most cases, a port of the Xbox or PC copy. Skyrim stretches this line more than any game before it as the PS3 version of the game becomes unplayable after a certain point! For a game as complex as the Elder Scrolls V we can still understand and give Bethesda the benefit of the doubt that they were unable to build such a complex game without problems on the PS3. However, the new patch (v1.3) that was just released on PC and is making its way to the consoles, does not fix the PS3 lag. Why the hell would Bethesda make creation tools and extra features for pc and xbox gamers while the PS3 version does not even function properly yet! This clearly shows Bethesda's priorities with the consoles and shows their lack of care for the PS3 gamers. This pathetic handling that Bethesda has shown to us speaks in large magnitudes. Just the fact that the PS3 version of the game was not even sent to reviewers on time, speaks a lot about the way Bethesda treats its loyal customers, Bethesda hid all the buggy shit under the carpet and sold it to us. Our loyalty to their products has been shown no respect and to make up for this bitter slap, a consolation is due for us playstation players. I believe that Bethesday should:

#1 Build a patch which fixes the PS3 lag and send it to us soon! and in the meantime atleast provide us information on the patch and its release date.

Thats me when I read that patch v1.3 was not even going to fix the PS3 lag

#2 After the patch's release give us PS3 gamers something special, a gift for our patience with this pathetic serving Bethesda has dished up. Bethesda should do something like "half price on first two DLC's on PS3" or something of a similar sort. If Bethesda does do that (they won't cause they hate PS3), it would make up for the slap we have been given on our naked faces.

Right now as a PS3 gamer I feel as if the right translation for 'Fus ro dah' from Bethesda has been 'Go F*ck your self'


  1. I love Bethesda's games, but I hate their loyalty to Microsoft. I was so pissed while waiting for both Fallout 3 and New Vegas' expansions to come out for the PS3 months and months after they had already been released for the 360--so unfair.

  2. Exactly, I was in the same boat with you waiting for the DLC's.. Bethesda has also said that patch 1.4 will not fix the PS3 lag, this is getting beyond frustrating.