Thursday, 5 January 2012

iPhone games of the week

Batman Arkham City Lockdown (£3.99/$5.99)

Batman Arkham City Lockdown has recently been released for a hefty price of £3.99/$5.99. The game is fun with some RPG elements thrown in and the combat is easy to use, reminiscent of Infinity Blades combat. However the repetitiveness of the missions and combat does wear on you after a few fights. The game is not a good buy at this price for even the biggest Bat lovers.

Infinity Blade II (£4.99/$9.99)

This is as close as it gets to console like gaming on the iOS devices. Infinity Blade II is fun and a nice substantial upgrade from the previous game but its just too similar to the first game. After a couple hours into the first Infinity Blade, I was getting a little tired of it and since the second game is more of the same, its not worth the admission price. Wait for a discount if you already have Infinity Blade 1. However if you don't have either or you just love this series too much, you might just instantly fall in love with the game, its new additions in weapons, enemies, hilariously bad story (thats a positive!) and similar but amazing gameplay. One last tid bit, be careful and make some space in your device, this application is almost a gigabyte big!

Sonic and Sega all stars racing (£0.69/$0.99) [Discount]


One of the best Kart racers on the iPhone is discounted for a small amount of time, so pick it up! Its a good game with some sloppy aspects but overall overshadows its downfalls with fun and addictive gameplay, reminds me of a very dummed down mario kart which is not a bad thing for the iPhone. Heck, some of the tracks of the game are even as good as its moustached competition. Way worth the price here and should not be missed.

Grand Theft Auto 3 (£2.99/$4.99)


The fairly recent addition to the app store has been quite infamous if I may say so, as you walk around, steal cars and kill people in one of the most influential open world games ever made, you will be amazed by the size of the world and the quantity of missions to perform. However, performing the missions might not be really fun as the games touch controls are a bit sloppy and the harder missions might make you bleed with frustration. iPad users might have an easier time playing this due to the larger screen. The game is amazing and either you want this for nostalgia, or think it just looks cool, will serve up some great fun. There is a slight chance that you might be too frustrated by its controls but for a low price like this, is a chance I recommend taking anyways. One last tid bit, be careful and make some space in your device, this application is almost a gigabyte big!


  1. Awesome! I will have to check these out.

  2. Most of the Android phones are compatible for 3d games. I am still using iphone and i have stored so many games. I am big junkies for games. I like to play Mario Karte 7 which is quite phenomenon game on web.

  3. Mario Kart on web? Sounds complicated, I play the game on Wii :) It is quite the masterpiece

  4. Batman Arkham City Lockdown has recently been released. It is a very enjoyable game for iPhone game lover users. You can try this.