Friday, 2 September 2011

Being bullied on a farm makes you a good guitarist

This is a new 'thing' i'll be doing on the blog where I either seriously or comedically write something I learnt or went through in the day...

Today I discovered the artist Buckethead and although I had heard of him before, I had never heard a song till now. On the internet I read a story that he was bullied in his childhood and lived on a farm, well if that's where he learnt guitar then sign me up for a farm and give me no friends cause that man is one talented artist. His music needs no lyrics as it directly conveys its message to your soul and here's the song I heard which made me fall in love with the artist..

Soothsayer - BucketHead 


  1. The title to this made me LAUGH! Kudos, Ali ;)

  2. I agree with roarbagel...the title is hilarious and speaks volumes.