Thursday, 2 June 2011

E3 Games Convention , which of the big 3 have the most to win?

E3 is almost here, yes the biggest week of the year for gamers is finally arriving. This years E3 looks amazing as it will be arriving with enormous amounts of blockbuster games and will even showcase next generation hardware.


The new Nintendo console codenamed "project cafe" shows a lot of promise as rumours suggest that it uses a tablet and gamecube controller hybrid as a controller; rumours like these are certainly building hype for Ninetndo. Also the newly released Nintendo 3DS needs some killer software and this E3 Nintendo need to bring that or the 3DS might suffer major lack of interest. This years E3 holds a lot for Nintendo and so I think that Nintendo have a lot to win at the show.


Ahhh Sony, just less than a month ago Playstation Network was down and millions of people around the world were pissed off at you. You are announcing a new handheld and are promising PS3 graphics onto it, only a couple years ago people had to sell their houses to afford the ridiculously priced PS3. Sony, Sony.. this years E3 Sony has the job of showing amazing exclusive games such as Uncharted 3, Twisted Metal, Resistance 3, The Last Guardian and so on. Overall on the software side Sony can do amazing and can put a smile on people's faces. However, due to the PSN mess that went off Sony will really need to roll their dice properly and win people's trust back. This can be done with proper service and a class-A comedic Kevin Butler speech. Also regarding the console the "NGP" I think that Sony really needs to showcase the console whilst remembering that no body wants to pay a ridiculous price for a console anymore. This years E3 I think is the most important E3 Sony has had in years as I believe they have the most to win, which also means that they have the most to lose if they don't play their cards right.


We really do not know much that is going to be happening at the Microsoft E3 event, what Gears of War 3? showing some 3rd part games? and then announcing a halo remake with some exclusive Xbox Stuff that you bought? Oh and don't forget more Kinect? This is what I think Microsoft's press conference is going to be like, I honestly think that Microsoft can have something up their sleeve which can win us over but looking at their track record I really can't say much and do not think that Microsoft have much to win at all this E3.

Overall I think that Sony have the most to win and lose at E3 closely being followed by Nintendo who do not have much to lose at all compared to Sony and Microsoft in the end with nothing from either sides of the spectrum.

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