Friday, 10 June 2011

Who won E3 for me ?

Out of the big 3, SONY , Microsoft and Nintendo who won the E3 event by showcasing the best software+hardware which interested me.


This years E3 lets begin with the bad, Microsoft. Their E3 was horrendous as it showcased shovel-ware games for the kinect which just made me further dislike my Xbox. Franchises like gears of war do not have my interest as i disliked their previous incarnations so gears of war 3 did not impress. Overall Halo 4 came out and although it looked alright, it scared me as it made me start thinking that Microsoft has no more franchises or new ideas to begin with so they are re using their old cash cow.

Microsoft gets an F 


Next up was SONY and boy did they make me happy. The games they showed were amazing from uncharted to resistance. They also made me extremely happy with the Sly 4 announcement as I am a massive Sly fan. The PSVita  (stupid name) has an amazing price of £220 wifi version - £270 3g version. This price truly shocked me as Sony is known for always having high prices. The company even had their CEO Jack Tretton make a sincere apology for the outage which was very appropriate and helped me in forgetting the annoyance of the PSN outage.

SONY gets an A+


Nintendo had a great E3 I must say, they showcased good 3DS games which were needed by everyone since the launch line-up was weak for the system. Nintendo had some classy music with their orchestra which set the mood nicely in the beginning. Nintendo also had some cool new games for the Wii and most importantly for their new console the Wii U (stupid name). The console now lets get to it, its confusing to say anything about the console as Nintendo did not show much of it, they just showcased the controller. The controller looked interesting as it does bring new capabilities for imaginative game-play. Although I must say, it was a little underwhelming after I saw the tech demo's Nintendo had set up. Nintendo showed a list of hardcore 3rd party games coming to their console (e.g. batman arkham, darksiders 2, tekken), its great that Nintendo has that support now but the trailers they showed were all from the Xbox and PS3 versions of those games. Those games were not shown running on the Wii U. Only a couple tech demo's were shown on the Wii U which does open confusions and overall leaves an underwhelming feeling. I liked the press conference it was entertaining and the software and hardware showcase was good. I just wish Nintendo made the hardware less confusing to understand and in the software, for once I wish Nintendo would create new franchises, I want more than just Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Etc on my Nintendo consoles.

Nintendo gets a good B

Sony Won hands down

Sony could have lost alot this E3 with everyone steaming on them for the outage and their next console but what did they do? They showed kicka** move and hardcore games, easily keeping their #1 spot for exclusive games. They showed the new amazing handheld and priced it competitively and also apologised for what happened to the network. The show was overall entertaining and I loved it.

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