Sunday, 24 July 2011

Could the new Spiderman movie do to Spiderman what Dark Knight did for Batman?

Batman was always a beloved hero amongst the comic book fans and the kids (Meee) who watched the cartoons/shows. When it arrived to the film business, Batman always lacked a good movie series and was the target of enormous ridicule from people across the whole world. This was frustrating as fans which loved the dark side of the Batman comic books could never see their beloved dark hero on the screens. This however all changed as the Dark Knight series came out and blew our minds with its dark tone and kicka** cinematography.

The question with the new Spiderman reboot arises, could the new Spiderman movie do what Dark knight did for Batman?

I personally think that it's a little too early to judge but just by randomly looking at the new Spiderman's trailer I am going to have to say no. This is because Batman always had an extremely dark tone to the character and the movies were extremely childish on the opposite side of the spectrum. For Spiderman, although there are some dark tones in the comic books, I do not believe that Spiderman has the material to surprise the audiences with a new attractive tone (not saying it needs one but it would be nice and surprisingly attractive). Also I just saw the new Spiderman's trailer and I am personally a little disappointed so this was an expected reaction from me.


  1. Awesome article man! I'm hopeful that the new Spider-Man reboot will be more realistic and darker like the Batman films. It looks like the Superman reboot is aiming for the same effect. It seems as if Christopher Nolan sure set the bar for DC reboots.

  2. Yeah definitely, I really believe that due to Christopher Nolan people now look at super hero movies and only take them seriously if they are dark and mature. I personally love them when they are darker and more mature than their comedic counterparts so I'm happy with this. Spiderman surprise us please!