Sunday, 31 July 2011

The Dark Knight - Thoughts on Bane's full costume ...

tom hardy batman bane 04
Here's Bane in his 'costume' for the upcoming Batman film. I don't know what, but there is something wrong with this outfit.. or maybe.. there's something wrong with Bane. Personally I did not want Bane in the next Dark Knight, I would have preferred someone else. This Bane now that he's here, in the Dark Knight world where everything has a realistic approach, this Bane just looks a bit too real. In the comics and cartoons he was scary because he was unrealistically massive and powerful. This film, he's just a big bald dude in a winter coat... I don't know maybe in the movie he will take some dr*gs and get larger ditching the coat... something.. hopefully would make him look better.


  1. My girlfriend and I were just talking about this and you hit it on the head exactly, "he's just a big bald dude in a winter coat." I have no idea why they would choose Bane over all of the other Batman villains to end the Batman trilogy. It's a poor choice in my opinion and I hope there are some FX added to alter Bane's 'look.'

  2. Ahhh yeah after having the joker in the dark knight looking all gruesome they have this man who picked up a coat from Walmart.. Your right, it is a poor choice and I seriously hope they add FX to his look ... I guess when the film comes out you and me will be either raging at Christopher Nolan or will be blown away(Hopefully) by something!