Friday, 22 July 2011

Tiny Wings Review! (My new iPhone Addiction)

Okay so every now and then there is that one golden game which hooks me to my iPhone till the batter falls to 0%! and right now that new addiction is the game Tiny Wings.

Tiny Wings follows this bird which has small wings and can't fly, the games objective for us is to travel as far as we can from sunrise till the night.

The gameplay is an easy yet addictive tapping scheme where you tap the screen to make Tiny Wings dive down and you have to time your taps right to make Tiny Wings dive down hill slopes so he can get a high push at the end of the hill to fly high. The gameplay is extremely satisfying as you race the night by flying high after a nicely timed dive down a slope.

The graphics are calm, colourful and enjoyable to watch. The graphics also constantly change for the hills depending on the weather of your location, this is a great feature and keeps the game's look fresh.

The game has amazing amounts of replay value and makes you want to beat your own previous records through awards like 'nests' and achievements which are fun to get.

Tiny Wings is an amazing game and a steal at the price of £0.59p! This is a game that must be bought by pretty much all iPhone users as it truly is an enjoyable experience for all types of gamers.

The only problem with Tiny Wings is that I wish it had more content but for the price of £0.59p I cannot argue on this.

I give Tiny Wings 8 and a half Tiny Wings out of 10

8.5/10 Fantastic

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