Monday, 1 August 2011

Ibanez Gax 30 Electric Guitar

Okay so me and a good friend picked up this beauty today.. we took it back to his house, plugged it into and amp and we were both amazed by this guitars quality.

The guitar first of all looks beautiful, its red flame glossy finish is beautiful to look at and makes you want to pick this guitar up and play it the very instant you look at it.

Prices : £150-£200

The guitar sounds quite good too! We tried the average 4, clean, crunch, metal and insane sound styles and I need to say, I loved the clean and metal sound styles. Not the biggest fan of crunch even though it works well...Insane though? It's good but I think I need more time with amps and the guitar to understand the metal filled power in that setting.

The guitar has a very comfortable body with curves designed to suit your arms comfortably.

Songs I tried on this beast:

Guns N Roses : Sweet Child O Mine, Paradise City, Don't Cry
Metallica : Fade To Black, One, Master of Puppets
Creed : One Last Breath, What's This Life For
System of A Down : Chop Suey, Roullette
Seether : Broken
Three Days Grace : Never Too Late,
Van Halen : Ain't Talkin' About Love
Led Zeppelin : Stairway to Heaven
Tenacious D : Master Exploder, Kickapoo
Black Sabbath : Crazy Train

All the songs worked so well! I have instantly fallen in love with this guitar and it has given me a thirst for some electric action. I recommend it to all beginner/intermediate/'dont wanna spend too much money' people. This guitar will blow people's minds no matter where you are, your room, a concert or Mariah Carey's Bathroom! Lets Rock!


  1. This guitar looks better! in real life, I highly recommend it and if you don't play guitar then I highly recommend playing guitar ! ;D