Thursday, 17 November 2011

Finally Superman has a good game

The man of steel has always had bad games, even when his movies were great, his games just lacked the sense of action and power he had. I will not be fully negative, in the SEGA genesis days Superman had some amazing games like the Bioware game for Superman. However after that the games have went downhill for such a pro longed amount of time that Superman has lost his excitement in the Video game medium.

Till now... *dan dan dan

A new app simply called Superman was just released on the app store by a company called Chillingo, who are the brilliant makers of the Cut the Rope games. I highly recommend this Superman game as it is extremely cheap and is truly the best man of steel game since the old genesis game. Even if you don't like it a lot, atleast it will be better than Superman 64 ;)


  1. This sounds awesome! Is it available on the Android and Apple market?

  2. Ahh unfortunately its not out on the Android market yet, I'm sure it will come out sometime later on. :)