Tuesday, 22 May 2012

What I played this week

Sly 2 : PS3

This weeks been a weird one, with exams and revision I either end up playing a game accidentally whilst trying to avoid revision, or I play an iPhone game in the library. Sly 2 is what I've really played properly this week, with the HD collection its looking surprisingly good. The thing I always remembered about the Sly games is the mission layout. The way each mission begins with the geeky thief Bentley describing a plan on a projector with scribbles, telling the whole heist and every persons job in it is very funny entertainment. It all comes around in the end because when you finally do the main heist you will remember Bentley's powerpoint-ish presentation and you will have fun with that your doing because you will know where every little piece is going into your master project. Also playing with the three thieves Sly, Murray and Bentley kept the game feeling fresh, especially now when I'm on my second play through which I don't always do for most games.


  1. I'm excited that they're doing a new one. Maybe I'll pick up the HD collection and play through the Sly games for nostalgia's sake.

  2. Oh me too, although the original companies not doing the new one, I'm really happy were getting one

    The HD collection I really really recommend, these games look amazing in HD! just skip Sly 1 :)