Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Album : Holding On To Strings Better Left To Fray By Seether

If you have went to my profile you might have noticed that I am an enormous rock/metal (+ all their sub genres) fan. Seether is one of my all time favourite bands and now they have released a new album, they released it on 13th May Friday which is a little brave, I guess they don't believe in Friday the 13th :P.

The album brings a new type of sound compared to previous Seether albums and the change is very refreshing. The lyrics are very positive now which are also a refreshing change to Seethers previous songs *ahem breakdown*. The songs in the album are very diverse, some songs are heavy in the guitar where as some are very light and melodic. It is a good variety and keeps the album from getting stale. The album also posts some very good songs as extras which is just more icing on the cake.

Although every song on the album is good there aren't any songs that are as memorable as there were in the past album. I wish a couple songs had tipped the extremely good and memorable limit but sadly for me
none of them really reached that top, some came extremely close. I have had the album for 2 weeks and I am listening to it quite a lot.

Overall this album is extremely good and overcomes the immense hype that was towering its release. The album is not a complete masterpiece but is an outstanding piece of music from Seether and should be bought by all grunge, rock, metal and Seether fans!

I give this album 8 and a half acoustic guitars out of 10

8.5/10 Amazing!

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