Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Game Dev Story

Game Dev Story is not just a video game, it is video games. Kairosoft creats a game that combines business mechanics and ideas and applies them into the world of video games brilliantly providing a business game about the video game industry. Honestly who hasn't ever dreamt of owning a video game company?

The game begins by pitting you as the CEO of a game company allowing you to choose the companies name as you step into the business world of Game Dev Story. The games objective for you is to create games and advertise them, building a fan base and bringing income to your company. Eventually building sequels to your games, winning game of the year awards, going to gaming conventions and even eventually building your own game console to give Sonny, Intendro and Micro SX a run for their money.

To build games you simply choose a genre and game type;combining good combinations can result in a good game and better sales. You then allocate points to the games direction (e.g. budget, speed, quality). After those quick selections you can choose a staff member or pay a random person to write the games pitch and can begin production. The game is extremely fun and provides enormous amounts of choices and combinations for your creation, this allows you to give the product your own personal touch.

The game takes you into a trip in time beginning with the days in which gaming was only done on PC's all the way to the "Playstatus 3"; the developers of this game have fun with company names and pull a couple chuckles out of us. Your video gaming history can be extremely helpful here as it can help you avoid crap consoles like the Intendro "Virtua Kid".

The game has good sound, although there isn't alot of range, the sound is still very catchy and entertaining to listen to as you grow your company.

The game has an amazing sense of progress as it really shows you your progress when your games begin to sell millions of copies with amazing perfect review scores. The game unlocks new genres, types, allows you to hire more staff, unlocks new staff types and all in all gives you immense amounts of unlocks to keep you satisfied for hours! The game even has a new game+ mode which allows you to restart your game with your hard earned game type/genre levels which make you better at making those genres.

Game Dev Story is a gem, is is an absolute addictive masterpiece. I have places over 20+ hours into this addictive iPhone game and still am hooked till this minute. The game overall is extremely fun in gameplay, bursts with originality, has top notch sound and executes in all areas brilliantly. For its price of £2.49 it is a must buy for all iPhone and iPod touch owners.

I give Game Dev Story 9 and a half iPhones out of 10

9.5/10 Outstanding !

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