Sunday, 19 June 2011

Hangover 2 Review

Hangover 2, the sequel to one of the most highest grossing comedy films of all time is here, is it funny or is it just a cash in on the hangover name?

I am going to sum this review up as fast as I can, Hangover 2 is the 'ghostbusters 2' of this decade. It copies everything from Hangover 1 ( literally , Hangover 1 had a tiger well in Hangover 2 you get a monkey ). This makes the film extremely forgettable. The movie this time around is darker and depends on shock value rather than pure comedy. Seriously Hangover 2 I never want to see a bisexual monkey lick a Korean guys nob ever in my life, it wasn't funny but freakin' weird. The film swaps a character around and changes him into a 3 dimensional character near the end of the movie, the movie does this so that the film can progress and untie the mangled stories it creates (hint, that character is the one with 9 fingers).

Now Hangover 2 is not a bad film. It does make me laugh my a** off at parts and truly does make me care for some of the characters within the film but conclusively, the film falls short. It may seem as a good short blast of entertainment but by the time you leave the cinema you will forget this film. 'Forgettable' the word that describes and plagues this movie more than anything else. The film eventually would be a good rental but it is not worth the cinema price and definitely not worth buying on DVD or Blu ray. This movie disappointed me so much, I did not hate it, I just think it has lost potential which saddens me more than anything else.

I give Hangover 2 , 6 Bisexual monkeys out of 10


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