Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Metal: A Head-bangers Journey Documentary Review

Metal: A Head-bangers Journey is a documentary following the history of metal and the controversy behind it. This is truly the documentary all metal-heads need to watch as it does show interviews and opinions of people like Dee snider all the way to Ronnie James Dio.

The documentary was created by an average metal music fan who describes his journey into metal from the beginning of his teenage till his current 'head-banging' state. The documentary first delves into the history of metal and its origin which is very interesting and provides good general knowledge. In the next part, the documentary talks about why people like metal and the connection people can have with it. The singer from Slipknot shares his personal insight on this topic and I absolutely loved his opinion and insight on why people (including him) like metal. This part did bring up very interesting thoughts and made enormous amounts of sense to me, I personally loved this part.

The next parts of the documentary, the documentary delves into the controversy behind metal. The opinions and personal stories provided by many artists (especially the singer from twisted sister) were amazing.

All in all, this is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen and you could say that this is because of my interest in metal music. No that is not the only reason why I love this. This documentary deals with ideas of stereo typing, isolation, teenage depression, societies forced rules upon you and many more. All those ideas have interesting points made about them and it surprised me when a guy with a leather mask on and long black hair with make-up on made valid points about stereotyping and society (it was slipknots singer). This is a must watch for all metal fans and even others who might be interested in the other topics listed in this review.

I give this documentary 9 electric guitars out of 10


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