Thursday, 2 June 2011

Is 3D a gimmick or is it here to stay ?

3D how it has evolved from the red and blue glasses to well , avatar ! Now 3D is being increasingly used and is featured in almost every film in the cinema these days. Some films use it well (kung fu panda, rio) and some just destroy our retinas with Sh*ty 3D (clash of the titans). 3D movies are being abused by companies as they can charge us more to watch them, however, some companies truly make amazing 3D movies which add to the movies experience rather than just adding to the price.

3D is also making a large impact on video games as the Playstation 3 is now a 3D gaming console and 3D Tv's are being released. Also don't forget the newly released Nintendo 3DS which displays 3D video games on a handheld gaming console without the need of glasses. Will the next generation of gaming consoles have 3D, I think they will and due to that and the increasing sales of 3D Tv's I think that 3D will do well and grow.

All in all, I think that 3D is here to say and after watching some of the animated movies which have recently come out in 3D I must say, 3D is amazing and adds to the films experience when used properly. Also i am anxious to see games such as Uncharted 3 in 3D as I have heard that it will truly blow your mind. In the end I do not think 3D is a gimmick but due to it being a new technology I warn you of all the companies who will experiment with it and make atrocious games/movies.

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