Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Music Games Dead ? ..yet ?

Okay so everybody knows the famous guitar hero which was a world phenomenon until Activison kept making guitar hero's 2-4 times a year and killed the franchise. With guitar hero's death came the slow death of the music franchise, following it came the abrupt close of Rockband as sales decreased enormously.

Now another company is making a music game and this company claims that their game will revive the music genre. Their game is called Rocksmith and the company who is taking this bold risk is Ubisoft. Now I have some respect and trust in Ubisoft but its hard to see this game go big. The difference in this game to Guitar Hero is that this game has an actual guitar which you use to play and the game gradually teaches you guitar (if you are patient enough).

The game although looks promising, still doesn't look as if it will be reviving the torn music genre that has fallen so abruptly over the last year. The game brings an interesting concept and brings the real instrument (which happened in the past before *ahem power gig anyone*) but in the end I think that people would rather pick up a guitar and get lessons rather than learning the instrument through this game. Me personally I am not gonna get this because I play the real instrument but I am very interested to see where this goes and hopefully if it works, I might give it a go in the future.

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