Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Sony's E3 Press Conference

Sony's E3 press conference happened last night and I have to say, Great Job Sony !

The conference not only showed an amazing torrent of games for the PS3 (Sly 4 , yes!)but also
showed playstation move games which look promising and showed exclusive content for the system. Sony also showed their serious actions with the playstation network and announced interesting new features which they would be adding to the network.

Now the NGP or as they named it the Playstation Vita , PS VITA. The console blew me away with its graphics and power, also the way in which the consoles features such as the touch pads and sixaxis were integrated into games in ways which I really liked (sound shapes, that game kicks a**). After looking at the consoles graphics we all said "ahhh Sony this is going to be so expensive that I'm going to have to sell a kidney to afford it" well the console is priced extremely cheap compared to its high tech features. The prices range

Wifi version 230£ 249$
3G version 280£ 300$

Thats an amazing price and now I am personally thinking that the VITA can beat the 3DS, the VITA showed games such as Uncharted : Golden Abyss and Street Fighter X Tekken as launch titles ! this is very impressive and I am personally loving the handheld.

A+ job really I actually loved it, would have enjoyed a Kevin Butler joke but its all good Sony

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