Thursday, 9 June 2011

X-Men First Class Review

Okay so I just watched X-men first class and here's my review of it. Going into the film I had no expectations (thanks to the atrocious X-men origins wolverine). This movie follows the story of Charles Xavier and Magneto(forgot his real name LOL) as they used to be best friends and soon became enemies.

The film is directed extremely well as it goes through the characters origins without boring us and jumps steadily into the main fight. I am a big X-men fan and did know what the ending was across the whole movie and yet the movie was entertaining, for a movie I knew the ending to before going into the cinema I was amazed by the movies refreshing feeling for something so old.

The bads of the movie, well it did have a few. First of all WTF is wrong with Mystique, she looks like the retarded aborted sister the cookie monster never had.

Also beast, he looked retarded, not as bad as Mystique but beast they really messed up his looks which limited him to hardly any facial expressions. Also the actress for that crystal girl who is with the main villian, she did a terrible acting job. The CG of the movie was not consistent, some things like the Mystique transition and the cyrstal woman looked fake and N64-ish whereas some of the scenes involving Magneto were truly amazing. These are a few grips which might be small to others and large to some (me).

The actors overall were amazing and professor Xavier and Magneto had some major chemistry between them (which almost led me to thinking that they were gay). This movie exceeded in the character roster and acting departments. The whole gritty look the movie had in the beginning was amazing too and the ways in which the movie started bringing classic X-men characters and abilities into the mix was very fun to watch.

Overall this is by far the best X-men movie ever made and one of the top super hero movies I have seen in a long time. The movie is memorable, follows an amazing plot, has good morals and ideas which you can empathise with and has some kicka** action.

I give X-men first class 8 and a half wolverine claws out of 10.


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