Saturday, 30 July 2011

Angry Birds is So Overrated

Okay so I need to say this, excuse me everyone with iPhones... Whats wrong with you?! Whenever I am on my phone, first question I get is "Hey do you have anrgy birds on that?" Now I did get angry birds months ago, I did play it a lot and I need to say... Angry Birds is good. That's it... Its good. What the hell is up with the whole "angry birds is the best game ever and best iPhone game" thing. Seriously?! It doesn't even come close. Angry birds basically stole Crush the Castle's game play and exchanged the rocks with birds. Crush the Castle is a miniclip and addicting games flash game btw, just so you know. When I first played angry birds I said, hmm its alright but gets boring quick but now due to the hype that angry birds is at when I play it I say ... so where is this "best game ever" cause what I'm playing right now is alright at best.

Angry Birds is overrated and most people who say its the best game on the iPhone need to look further cause I bet most of them are sheep following the sh*tty angry birds trend.

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