Saturday, 30 July 2011

Music for when your depressed

Do you ever feel down, does you mind ever get lonely, okay I'm going to stop talking like an advert and will openly speak. We get depressed man, sh*tty things overwhelm us and we just feel like crap. At that time I do what I call the turtle, I go on my laptop, turn the music on and create this shell around me where I speak to people on msn and read on the internet while listening to music.

The music I like to listen to is mainly metal for when I'm depressed but there are a couple pop/light rock songs so don't run away... yet:

"This first song is personal so here's my personal blabber on it"

  • Don't talk to strangers 

This song speaks a lot about the things we see in life which we would be happy with, maybe a successful relationship would make us happier, maybe us being more accepted by people would make us happier, maybe we just see a location as the haven which could change our lives. This song speaks directly to you and says "hey that woman your dreaming of will bring you down, that 'heaven' you see is only really 'hell', that dark hallway you keep dancing in will make you vulnerable, all those things are bad for you because your sacrificing your personality to get them. Your personality is beautiful and these people who treat you like shit are all 'strangers' and you should have self respect because your better than them. They are trying to penetrate your mind and feed you sh*t, trying to tell you your not good enough for them, 'you need to change this or that about yourself to 'fit in', well its all bullsh*t because you don't need to change... "Don't talk to strangers cause there only there to do you harm... Don't go to heaven cause its really only hell... Don't dance in darkness, you'll stumble and then your vulnerable.. Don't smell the flowers, there an evil drug to make you loose your mind". All those are metaphors for things we sometimes depend our happiness on.

Personally: I love this song because I have been let down by 'friends' who always wanted me to change for them, they wanted me to be more outrageous like them, they wanted me to do stupid things to please them, in the end... they didn't want 'me'. They saw a different person and wanted to mould me into that. I ended up with a lot of pain and sorrow but later I found myself and got some self respect. This song helped me every step of the way in finding that person I had lost inside of myself due to the 2 years of 'trying to fit in'. After this song, I stopped talking to strangers...

Other songs that are great too for depression and you should try them:

  • AC/DC "Highway to Hell" : 'whatever your doing people think your going to hell for it cause they are too ignorant and arrogant to understand, ohh and also, they hypocritical towards you, well, if your going to hell cause of the way you are then you are on the 'highway to hell' and you love it! 

  • Apocalyptica "I Don't Care" : There's that person bringing you down, well if your one of the people who just can't push people away and still try to be nice to people who treat you like sh*t then hear this. You need to step up to those people and say "if you were dead or alive.. I don't care"

  • Coldplay "Fix You" : Song really speaks for itself, its basic in its lyrics and really hits the core of your emotions due to that.

  • Staind "Fade" : This song is about people in your life, people you depend on, people you look up to for help and all they do is walk away from you. Most of the time it can be a parent and that is what I always think of when I listen to this song. The song says that nothing changes in life, if you live in sh*t, the sh*t wont change, all you can do is change yourself. That's how a difference is made "I only know that I can change, everything else just stays the same"... You need to change yourself or your life will always be like this, change yourself and 'step out of the darkness your life's been in'.

  • Delain "See Me In Shadow" : This song is about the times when you 'hide in the shadows of your life to hid your imperfections'. I think this song is a lot about not being perfect and accepting yourself, stepping out of the shadow in which your living in and truly living your life in full colour with all your insecurities... because in the end, no one is perfect so embrace yourself and accept yourself just the way you are.

  • Nickelback "How You Remind Me" : This song caused an 'epiphany' inside of me when I first heard it, it really made me see things in my life that I have tried which were out of 'my element'. By that I mean, things I did under peer pressure or sheer stupidity due to the influence of the wrong people. This song made me think about all of them and truly look at myself in the core, in my mind... the place where nothing but my personality lies. 

  • Seether "Yeah" : This song speaks about struggle, how in life you feel beat down everyday "I can't remember a better day.. one without giving up". The negatives in our daily lives can sometimes be very consistent and you can just feel like giving up, but you can't because life can be beautiful, you may be unable to see it right now because of the negativity but "you can't keep living in a broke mind.. so keep on running" and be consistent.

  • Staind "It's Been Awhile" : This song talks about times when you really say to yourself 'when was the last time I was happy, when was the last time I held my head up high", you've always "F*cked things up... just like you always do" and your really saying to yourself "It's been Awhile since I could hold my head up high".

  • System Of A Down "Roulette" : I think this song is for when you really like someone but have this weird confusion in which you ask yourself 'so it's not gonna work between us, but do I like that person? I don't but why do I feel upset that its not gonna work, why do I have this problem that I cannot explain'. Your emotions are a roulette sometimes, you may fall for a person and may yet feel as if you do not like them or in other cases you may like a person and might know that its not going to work between you two. At this moment you could try to tell yourself you do not like them but emotions are always a roulette and they change constantly making you feel confused yet saddened. Anyone who knows anything about roulette knows that the chances of success are extremely minimal and that are exactly the chances we have at successful emotions in life (when it comes to relationships).

  • Three Days Grace "Pain" : In life you experience so much pain, both physical and mental. The reason you feel the pain is because your alive, you should appreciate that and be happy that you are capable of feeling pain. Like the pain, embrace it, love the pain and love living like this because "you'd rather feel pain than nothing at all". Also do not miss the chance you might have in life because if you take the chance and fail you would feel anger and agony but if you miss the chance you would feel misery which is worse than all of them.

  • Three Days Grace "Get Out Alive" : Don't put your life in someone's hands, don't hide in your mistakes, if you want to get out alive ... run for your life. Don't be stuck in old mistakes, problems or addiction. You need to run now because if "you stay too long you would only burn on the inside" but if you "go you could hope to make it to the other side"

  • Three Days Grace "Never Too Late" : The title says it all, I personally feel as if two friends are at the top of the building and one wants to jump really badly while the other is speaking to him about their torn lives and the chances they still have as its "Never Too Late".


  1. Great post, Geeky Penguin! Quite a few of those I listen to as well.

  2. Thank you! ... the songs you do listen to from this list, do you have different interpretations of them compared to the ones I have?