Sunday, 17 July 2011

Do Video Game Developers get the respect they deserve?

Michael BayI was wondering about this the other day, when you see a new movie released "e.g. transformers 3". The credit is thrown at the director "Michael Bay" and his name is advertised everywhere and he is given the respect which he deserves (duno about that, those films suck) for carrying out the project.

The difference between someone like Michael Bay who has directed films and someone like Hideo Kojima who has directed the master peices "Metal Gear Solid 1-4 and the side ones", is that Hideo Kojima's name doesn't get advertised much next to the video games and he does not get that much credit compared to Michael Bay.

 Granted, this is a bad example as there are developers other than Hideo Kojima that never get their name even called out but I'm just saying, in general Video Game Dev's do not get the respect or credit they deserve. The company which owns them slaps their name on the game and that is the end of the story. The developers should get more recognition and credit for their products.

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