Monday, 18 July 2011

Bands that are underrated ... "Staind"

Okay here is another "underrated bands" section. This time its the band Staind. This is a band that started off with making a heavy metal album called "Tormented" (Don't listen to it, sucks in my opinion), the album was hated by a lot of people and the album art even disgusted the singer of linkin park. Why am I posting this band in this section? Because their next 5 albums have kicked soo much 'post grunge' a** that I cant stop listening to them! They seriously ROCK!

Here are Staind's 5 albums (dont count their first :P) and my top song from each album:

Dysfunction , dont pay too much attention to this album , its their second and they were still recovering from the train wreck which was their first album. Top Song: Home

Break the cycle (OKAY THIS ALBUM IS AWESOME), this album has staind's top 3 songs in my opinion, I love it! , top 3 songs from this album: 


Its Been Awhile: 

(No video)
(no videos for the rest)

14 Shades of Grey: Not as good as 'Break The Cycle' but an amazing album! really really good! Top song: Zoe Jane

Chapter V: This album is also good , its actually great but not as good as 'Break the Cycle' , Top song: Right Here

The Illusion of Progress: A really good album, better than 'Chapter V' and '14 Shades of Grey', not as good as 'Break the Cycle' (lol) but seriously this album is just amazing. Top song: Save Me

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  1. Get your facts straight if you're going to write an article. The singer of "Limp Bizkit", not "Linkin Park". For two, the first album didn't recieve as much hate as you claim, and for three, just because you don't like metal doesn't make their first two albums "Trainwrecks". If you're going to make an article on an artist who makes metal and softer stuff, make sure it all appeals to you.