Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows PT 2 Review

It's here! oh yeah it is definitely here! the end if nigh! etc etc blah blah wands galore. [no spoilers here]

The movie this time around was directed by David Yates and was directed extremely well and kept me on the edge of my seat from start till finish. The movie begins by instantly pitting you in the middle of the story which is what it should do. It cleverly spends less time outside and more time inside Hogwarts. This gives the Hogwarts finale a massive amount of screentime and gives us the audience a truly spectacular story and fireworks display.
Nevil Longbottom! See that sweater? Badass! :D

Okay so the movie is finally here, the one we've all been waiting for soo long! Harry Potter finally says "Enuf of this sh*t voldemort you goin' down!" Finally we get to see some Kicka*s action and we get the blood, lights & avada kedavra's we've all wanted for soo long. Here is the Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows PT2 review

The acting in the film is surprisingly amazing! As a fan of the book I was afraid how Daniel Radcliff would handle the massive emotional job that Harry Potter has to handle. But I was pleasantly surprised as he handled it well, since we are already here in the acting department, I need to say, Alan "Severus Snape" Rickman WOW! You blew me away with your acting, I have never cried so much at a film man seriously you destroyed the acting. Some of the best acting I have ever seen and since Snape is my favourite character in the series I am proud of you man, you F***in Rock! Everybody else did really well too, Ron made me laugh in a film full of sad stories and Hermoine was always amazing in both sad and brainy bits.

The special effects were really good and I never felt that the effects looked bad or fake.

The story, now I need to say this, after 7 movies and 6 books I was afraid of Harry Potters ending as it had to surpass the mountain of expectations everyone (including me) had and I need to say this, it exceeded all expectations. Nothing in my imagination beats this and It is the best ending that could have possibly happened.

As a book fan I can confidently say that the film was extremely true to the book and although there were a couple hiccups the film all in all was amazing and satisfied the movie and book lover in me. The film was almost perfect in every way and if you watch The deathly hallows part 1 with this movie, you will see why these two form together to make the best harry potter film ever made! Potter fans and bookworm Potter fans all rejoice and go watch this film or else ... or else ... "AVADA KEDAVRA"

Pretty Much Perfect, I give this movie 10 wands out of 10


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