Thursday, 28 July 2011

Lady Gaga 'Judas' Very Similar to Black Sabbath Song 'Bible Black'

The hit single 'Judas' by Lady Gaga is similar to 'Bible Black' by Black Sabbath. This is my interpretation of the two's lyrics, ultimately lyrics mean what ever you interpret them into so do not get all offended or annoyed.

Any ways, the song Judas has a meaning ... when you like something (Judas in this case), even if its bad for you, you get addicted to it and cannot stop yourself from liking it. People that try to take you away from that addiction, you would "break them down" and even though you know what's right for you "Jesus is my virtue", you would still go for that bad addiction "but Judas is the demon I cling to". That addiction to Judas would treat you bad "I'm just a fool, oh baby he's so cruel", but you would still be going back to it"but I'm still in love with Judas". The song ends with "Judas" being repeated to stabilise the point about the protagonist staying in love with Judas till the bitter end.

The song Bible Black came out before "Judas" , Waaaay Before! Okay now similarities begin. In Bible Black the message is the same, when you like something or are addicted to something evil 'the bible black' you can look at good things "light of religion" and be "blinded" , returning to your evil addiction "I've seen the light of religion, but the light has left me blind, take me back, I must have the Bible Black". The Bible treats the protagonist badly as it tells him "I wish you were dead!" in the first or so page and yet he still wants the Bible Black as it makes him "Feel closer to my(his) home". In the end the protagonist wants the Bible Black knowing about its traps as he knows that he "may not come back!" but the protagonist still ultimately chooses to read from the bible black "he's reading from the Bible Blaaaaaack".

The songs meanings are extremely similar and just substitute different items "Judas/Bible Black" to represent the protagonists addiction. Both know of their addictions cruel treatments and yet still want them. Both protagonists see the positive things 'light/Jesus' but willingly in the end choose their addiction till the bitter end.

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