Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Top 6 Worst Video Gamer Stereo types

Now I want to firstly say one thing, video gamers undergo some of the worst stereo typing amongst society. From being shown as basement dwellers who have no social lives till people who are obese and unhygienic.. gamers undergo horrendous stereotypes. So enough intro talk, lets dig in to the top 5 worst stereo types for video gamers:

#6: The Forum Trolls

Gamers are classified as people who are obese males who sit in the dark depths of their dirty rooms eating crisps and debating on forums on which console is their favourite. They have not had two things in their life, a shower and some excersize! They screech at the sight of sunlight as their eyes are so fixated to the sight of the light rays which are emitted by their monitors. They will never use their real name or picture on any website and will always get a username such as "I_Cornelius_lord_kill_all1337". Saying that the console of their choice sucks will anger them and make them hunt you down using their hate messages.

#5: The 'Annoying rude guy'

This gamer thinks he is the coolest man in the world because he scored a hat trick on fifa as it is one of the only two games he plays a year [ The other being call of duty ]. He will always be rude to you and everyone around him as he does not need you, he has his friends in his call of duty clan. Gamers like him usually run in groups and always bombard school hallways together just as if he were in a call of duty game. Every time this gamer catches you doing anything out of the ordinary he will use the word "gay" repeatedly and never try to understand what you actually did. This gamer will yell swears and say "sick/jheeze/or any other slang in his ahem vocabulary" every time he scores on a game. This gamer is the gamer publishers adore as the gamer is too ignorant to look at important aspects such as story telling in a game and will straight up jump to some multi player action with his "bro's".

#4: The RPG snob

This gamer knows more about the creatures in the digital Kingdom of Boletaria then the real life city he lives in. This gamer will always be arrogant and will think that he is smarter than you. As soon as he knows that you do not know the 54 equipment items in world of warcraft, he will judge you as being an unintelligent 'being' who is not worthy of his presence. The rpg snob likes to L.A.R.P as it truly lets him control something in his almost non existent life. The sight of magical staffs excite him and wearing a robe truly makes him feel empowered. This gamer will always think that he is strong and capable of handling confrontations but as soon as he meets a fight in the "real world", he would pick up his fake staff and evacuate the area. In the end, it is not his appearance in the real world that matters but the appearance of his avatar in world of warcraft.

#3: The Annoying Loud Children

Oh these little critters are every parents nightmare. They shout all day for their video games which their parents annoyingly buy for them. These satanic kids play games way older than their age and get extremely aggressive. They punch, shout and scream loudly. They would buy every video game about their action cartoons and wrestlers, and would practise the fighting moves on everyone in the house. They wreck every home with their nuisance, swearing at everyone through their xbox headsets and their parents do not bother with the parenting as they leave the parenting to the video games.

#2: The Obese Snobby PC player

This player is another obese creature who cannot afford these flashy new consoles. He sticks to his old computer and plays old games from 1982. Playing RPG's like Final Fantasy 1 are his everyday treat as soon as he finishes his new round of counter strike, starcraft and world of warcraft. He hates the console palyers as they are idiots which fell for marketing tricks. Sight of games like super mario sicken this being, he spends hours trying to run a game he could perfectly buy on a console but because he is changing the "texture rendering of models" in his game, he will always consider himself a superior to all other console gamers. Step up to this creature and yell "I have a Wii" and get ready to be bombarded with insults like never before.

#1: The Retro Gamer

This gamer is a dark shadowy creature, wearing cheap glasses and his old pacman t shirt. The sight of new games like assassins creed will make their creature howl about its NES. Designer clothing which is fashionable will not attract this being as it is too busy looking at that new super mario t shirt. The creature can argue that its 30 year old games are better than yours, it will argue that his 30 year old games ideas have been stolen by today's games and will never admit that innovation still occurs in modern games.

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