Tuesday, 26 July 2011

inFamous 2 sales disappointing

inFamous 1 was a game that came out in 2009 and wow'd people with its open world traversal mixed with comic book style story elements. inFamous 2, the sequel to the highly acclaimed 2009 game came out and its been 6 weeks since the games release so we are going to take a look through its 6 weeks of sales.

[All sales numbers provided by VGChartz.com]

WeekAmericasJapanEMEAAWorldwideRunning Total

Infamous 2.pngThe game had a 'good at best' opening week with over 350,000 copies sold. The game did however have an immense drop in sales in its second week which crippled the games sales as it dropped by over 50%. Since then the game has had many drops in sales and is now ranging around 30-50 thousand copes sold per week. For a high profile game like inFamous 2, I did expect more. However, for a game like inFamous 2 to make money, an estimated amount of 1.60 million copies sold at a decent price can make the game profitable. Although inFamous 2 did not have a really good opening, I believe that it will have good long term sales as it is a good game and people did get inFamous 1 in the 'playstation welcome back program'. All those people who got inFamous 1 for free are potential customers for this game in the future, also games like inFamous which focus on story can have good long term sales. In the upcoming winter, I am sure inFamous 2 will pick up some sales especially when it gets a discount and so will be profitable eventually... people inFamous 2 rocks and I recommend checking it out as it is a game that deserves more sales than this.

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