Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Couple in China sold their children to afford video games

This Chinese couple sold their children for video game money

Okay this is disgusting, a couple in China just sold all three of their children to fund their gaming habits of playing at a face. The information is coming from Sanxiang City news where the couple was arrested by the authorities. The couple both under 21's (but less mature than a peanut) met in an internet cafe in 2007 (romantic! <sarcasm here please>).

 The couple had three children, two sons and a daughter which they sold for $9700 in total. This is really low, you can't even buy an alien ware pc with a full sound set-up with that. I'm just screwing around the price, the fact that they sold their children makes me cringe. When the couple was questioned about their "sales", they replied that they did not know what they were doing was illegal. Gamers already have a bad image in the media as they are shown as homeless basement dwellers who have no social lives and live on their mothers cooking. Next to that gamer stereo-type, this is really horrendous as it shows us as insensitive socio-paths who care more about their World of Warcraft levels than their children.

As a guy who does not have children (and doesn't intend to in the near future) I am disgusted by the inhumanity from the couple, there should be a law to make it illegal for these 'bast*rds' to have children.

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