Monday, 25 July 2011

Bands that are underrated ... "Saving Abel"

Another 'underrated bands section' is here, this time its the band "Saving Abel". This is a band that began in 2004 and has released 2 rockin' albums. Their music is quite good but the band has only hit a couple high chart positions and has not gained a lot of sales. Here are Saving Abel's albums and my favourite song from each album:

Saving Abel: A self titled album, it did give the band some mainstream success due to their song 'Addicted'. Which is my favourite song from this album.

Miss America: Okay I am going to be brutally honest here, this album disappointed me. I thought that this band was going to go very far after hearing their first album but the second album did not hit a high note. It might be because I am not from America and the band has a lot of America related patriotism in their songs. The album was good, just good. The song I really liked from the second album is 'The Sex is Good'.


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