Monday, 25 July 2011

3D sucks and why I dislike it so much

Okay so 3D is the new Hollywood trend and we have so many films adapting to 3D. Sometimes its actually hard to find a film in 2D compared to 3D ( Toy story 3 did that -_-" ). Here are my personal reasons why 3D just sucks:

It adds nothing to the experience or dimension, our mind perceives the video on screen with a third dimension ( the principle of perception ).

It is a distraction, it gives headaches and nauseates a lot of people ( Me! ). It also is distracting when we have to wear the stupid glasses which make the film darker and harder to see clearly.

It charges us more in theatres :[

When your watching serious drama's in 3D, the 3D is literally stupid and does nothing to the movie. Even in some movies with action like Harry Potter the 3D does nothing.

Sometimes now they force us to watch movies in 3D by having 3D only showings in a lot of cinema's ( again toy story 3 did that -_-" ).

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