Monday, 25 July 2011

Films that tried to be the next Harry Potter

Harry Potter, a film series based on books about magic, teenagers and all types of folklore. Here are some films that in my opinion tried being the next Harry Potter by creating films on a book series about magic, teenagers and folklore.

Avatar the last air bender:
this film is based on one of my favourite cartoon ever made, period. But the film failed due to its hilariously bad acting, terrible script and disgusting director. 

Percy Jackson and the Lightning thief: 
never watched it but the trailer looked quite bad so I stayed away. Some of my friends that did watch it, lets just say they weren't too excited about it either.

The Narnia Series: 
Okay the first film was quite alright in this series but afterwards this series just bombed and made horrible films. 

The Golden Compass:
I think the movie was alright but the series just didn't make enough money at the box office and so couldn't spawn a sequel.

The Spiderwick Chronicles: 
This film I have not watched because I could not bothered for another film where a kid discovers a magical world inhabited by fairies, goblins and ogres. I heard it was alright but I guess it just didn't make enough money to spawn sequels.

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