Saturday, 27 August 2011

Bands that suck at performing live .. "Creed"

Creed... One of the bands I do not particularly like because they have only written one song I have actually liked. Gotta give them some credit though, that one song I do like.. is one I absolutely love. Its called One Last Breath and beautiful's the word to describe it.. the singers voice and guitar blend in a soothing way and it truly relaxes you when you listen to it...

Studio Version of One Last Breath

Wait I'm getting side tracked... Ummmm yeah.. Creed? What the h*ll? I just saw a video of them performing One Last Breath on youtube Live and they sucked so bad.. well the singer *shivers*... disgusting man! What the hell were you doing. I understand that you went through some messed up stuff and damaged your voice but if its that bad man then stop, that performance was actually hurting the image of the band and the song in my mind.

2009 Live version of the song:

After hearing that catastrophic shit from satans butcrack I think that .. that should be Creed's One Last Breath in existance.


  1. Lool yeah I'm a little mad at the moment cause I wanted to see them live xD... I hope you liked the studio version of the song though :)