Saturday, 6 August 2011

The Dark Knight - Thoughts on Catwoman's Costume ...

Okay the dark knight first released images of Bane in his costume and well I was underwhelmed and did write an article about it.

Now... here's Catwoman, played by Anne Hathaway (She's hot!) and here is the image of here in her costume... Bane disappointed me, c'mon Catwoman redeem Batman:

Ahhh Okay... What the F*ck is this? Was she being hired by the spy kids and accidentally stepped into the Dark Knight. How could the man who made the world fear the joker churn out these two horse sh*t of costumes?! Okay I'm being hysterical but that's because I love Batman and loved the Dark Knight, I am really fearing that the next instalment will be total garbage. Even if its not garbage I am now certain that it will never be even close to the  masterpiece 'the dark knight'. 
The 2004 Catwoman

Lets assess this costume, its just plain black leather and she's wearing some shades which look very 'electronic'. She just looks like a generic spy woman, Ann Hathaway looked a lot like this in the film 'Get Smart' where she played a killer spy. There is not much, I might even go as far to say nothing, there is nothing 'Catwomany' about this! The Catwoman in the 2004 film looked better than this because she looked like Catwoman, Catwoman has her special look and Anne Hathaway right now just looks like a spy lady with an innocent face (oh and she's hot).

I hope that this is not the full costume and she does something to redeem her Catwoman look. Maybe she can ditch the shades, get herself some leather hat, get a whip, look aggressive and then.. Ahh I don't know. Honestly I hope they do something cause this is disappointing. 


  1. Surprisingly enough, however, Ann Hathaway hasn't been specifically announced as Cat Woman. It's been heavily speculated, but Nolan has kept it under wraps. It's possible that she playing another character or that she was merely up for the part. If she does play Cat Woman though...she's a horrible choice. Between that and the stills of Bane that I've seen my movie sense aren't tingling like they should be.

  2. Thats nice to know... Your movie sense's are not alone.. I'm quite scared for the next Batman too.