Sunday, 7 August 2011

Resistance 3 BETA Bulllsh*t

Okay now I did trust SONY and purchase a PlayStation plus membership a couple months ago. One of the main features of the membership was early access to BETA's, personally that was one of the largest features to attract me to the membership. The Resistance 3 BETA just came out and I do not have access to it because I did not purchase SOCOM 4? What the bloody hell, okay so I do get the BETA on august 23rd, thanks for that but we the playstation plus members should get the BETA as early as possible!

This whole 'buy SOCOM 4 to get it earliest' thing is just bullsh*t. It undermines the reason of our PlayStation plus purchases. I believe that SOCOM 4 buyers and PlayStation plus members should get the BETA on the same day, we should not have to wait for the BETA since we are paying for our membership. SONY if your gonna make us pay for early BETA access then give us early BETA access and cut the access Bullsh*t.


  1. One of the reasons I've held off on becoming a PlayStation Plus subscriber...

  2. And its a valid reason too.. now that they are boosting game pre orders with extra's playstation plus isn't worth much