Saturday, 20 August 2011

PS3 price cut ( Yay. )

The PS3 is now dropping to $250 and 250 euros which equals £218...

This is great news for you guys but for me... I don't care honestly. I already have a PS3 and do not need another. For you guys though, seriously, out of the three consoles you can get I recommend this one as I've actually owned the rest sometime in my life (and have regretted them). This is the only console I did not get angry at and go sell at the shop so that says something! right...? Any ways if you haven't already got one.. my recommendation get one! and if you just watch blu ray movies then still get this over a blu ray player! This does all the internet connectivity stuff, shows tv (hurray for bbc iplayer on PS3!) and much more.


  1. I love my PS3. By far the best console that I've ever owned and I've been gaming since the NES days. Even with all the criticism I love mine. The functionality is amazing and within the last year or so third party publishers and SCEA have really hit their stride as far as game production values are concerned. It'll be a sad day once the PS3 fades for its successor.

  2. I've been gaming since the Genesis days (not a nintendo guy :P) and well I agree the PS3 has been my favourite console by far.

    The games have truly rained on us in the past couple years and I gotta say, if people don't now believe that the PS3 has amazing games for everyone and anyone then they are ignorant gamers.