Friday, 21 October 2011

I Always discover amazing musicians after they'r dead

This has got to stop happening, I always end up discovering amazing musicians after they are dead! Okay don't shoot me but I did hear my first Nirvana song after Kurt Cobain was dead and I did discover Dio only after he had gotten the cancer that took his life...

Now I just discovered a new beautiful voice whose ruler is Zakk Wylde. His voice is full of emotion, power and amazing control which he uses to steer the right notes towards acoustic beauty. He has wrote a song called 'Stillborn' which does describe my emotions with a couple things in life and the beautiful guitarplay, with meaningful lyrics and his gentle voice only keep the repeat button on in my itunes.

Here's the song, try it out for yourselves if you want, I freakin' love it:


  1. Ah my God, I HATE it when this happens to me. I discover a new musician, or an actor, and I'll get super-excited at their existence, only to find out they're dead. Literally, it kills a part of my soul when this happens.

  2. Yeah!
    It sucks moar when you say to yourself 'huh, I would love to go to a concert to see that musician'

    Ahhh well were just unlucky! :(