Sunday, 9 October 2011

The 7 stupidest things people do at the gym

Today my workout at the gym was boring, it was just one of those lazy days and I forced myself through the whole workout. During the workout though, I was a little entertained by a couple things I couldn't help noticing. People just bring the stupidest things to the gym and do the stupidest things that have nothing to do with the workout, they actually stop themselves from working out due to their chronic stupidity. So here is my list of the stupidest things I have recently seen people do at the gym:

7: The locker room exposers

Okay locker rooms are there for changing clothes, I understand that but there is no need of stripping but naked in a locker room! There are cubicles for that in the locker room so use them! We do not want to see you naked, especially the people have a stroll around the locker room while naked. Its completely stupid and disgusts the crap out of everyone.

6: the magic number is 2

These people walk in, sit on each machine for two minutes barely doing anything and then head off home with a protein shake thinking they did a great job. Ahh you shouldn't even bother coming to the gym if thats all your going to do. Maybe these people are ill informed so I will not say much, but just hear this, if your going to the gym go and push yourself till you actually achieve something. Spending 2 minutes on everything and looking at yourself in the mirror won't get you anywhere.

5: Women come in with a crap 'o ton of makeup on

Seriously, make up to the gym? I guess these ladies can be called multi taskers since they want to attract masculine attention whilst working out. Too bad this always fails as a true cardio workout makes you sweat a lot, and after you sweat with 2 kg's of make up on you face, the only weight your losing is that foundation and the only person your attracting is probably a freakin clown.

4: People text, take a phone call or read a book whilst on a machine

Okay, maybe I'm just a weird person but I cannot understand the people that text on their phones or try to read a book whilst on a machine. I had seen it on bicycle machines many times but today I saw a man reading a novel on a treadmill. Seriously dude if your gonna walk at a turtles pace and try reading a book at the same time, its better to have a jog and then go home and read the book. That way you will be able to do both of the activities and in probably less time too!  Aside the book, doing phone calls and texting whilst working out? Seriously woman I don't want to hear about your shopping while I'm trying to jog. People cannot walk into the gym and treat it like their house, when you have a personal gym in your mansion then you can talk on the phone whilst working out cause at the gym it just annoys everyone. By the way, wouldn't talking on the phone during a cardio workout prevent you from working out properly as it takes up breath? If you think the answer to that question is 'yes' then.. STOP talking on the phone. If however, you thought the answer to that question was no... I hope you get abducted by aliens.

Okay the pic has nothing to do with this but its funny :P
3: Talking to their annoying friends and chit chatting while 'working out'

These people are the global pain in the a** for everyone at the gym. They walk in swarms of annoyances, they talk continuously and laugh louder than a hyena. They don't even work out properly, just end up abusing the machines and everyone's time because they take forever once they sit on a machine to 'work out'.

2: Trying to hit it off with the lady who works there

This is hilarious, I see guys come in and walk around following the woman who works there, trying to pick up massive weights when she walks by, only to quickly change those weights to small amounts as soon as she is out of sight. This is just hilarious and I think its stupid, at the gym you go to work out and I personally believe it should be the sole purpose of going to the gym. If you really like the woman who works there then try talking to her and arranging a time out or something, walking around the gym trying to impress wont get you anywhere with your body or that woman.

1: A Guy Sprayed Deodorant O_O

Okay for this heading I don't even know if I should call it a stupid thing 'people' do, even a grain of rice would have enough IQ to understand this. I am not joking when I say this, whilst walking around the locker room today a guy was spraying deodorant on him. Seriously dude, you know sweat is something thats good for you at the gym right? and last time I checked, women don't walk up to a guy on a treadmill and smell him. Whats wrong with you?! He was spraying deodorant before his workout too so I cant even say that he had to urgently run for a date he doesn't have time to shower for. Spraying deodorant on yourself before a workout defeats the purpose of the workout, it is by far the stupidest thing I have ever seen and I'm almost considering changing species after seeing that.


  1. Awesome post, and all of which are universally true. Absolutely hilarious!

  2. Thank you very much! :D As you can tell from this post, I get very bored sometimes while working out and so need to entertain myself with randomness :P