Saturday, 8 October 2011

Will Apple die without Steve Jobs ?

People may not agree with me when I say this, Steve Jobs was Apple. There was a time when Apple went from a time of doing really well with their products, to literally dying. This started exactly when Steve Jobs left apple to work with coca cola (I might be wrong on the company, might be pepsi). After a couple years of doing a terrible job Apple finally got Steve Jobs back and got back on track with innovation/money/customers/life. Looking at Apple and how it did during that time frame without Steve Jobs, it begs the question, will Apple now die like it did in the past without Steve Jobs?

Quote from Microsoft during the crappy Apple times "Apple is dead"

When Steve jobs re joined Apple, they were back on track and since then Apple has done an amazing job, I don't need to tell you that. I presonally think that Steve Jobs was responsible for Apple's success as he was truly the man behind the innovation in the products, he had a special way of percieving things which really made his inventions more unique and user friendly.
I don't think that Steve Jobs can be replaced and as we have already seen Apple and how the company did without Steve Jobs, it begs the question if Apple can keep up the great innovative products, the brilliant marketing and all that magic without Steve.

Right now the iPhone 4S pre orders are going insane and Apple has already sold all their initial stock for their launch day, thats around 24 million iPhone 4S's being bought on the first day of launch (14 Oct US). Now how does this link to Steve Jobs and Apple staying alive after him? Well, this is the last product Steve Jobs has worked on in his life and is the last Steve Jobs product made by Apple. Next to sentimental value, this product could be the last innovative product Apple makes before they lose their niche which they have had these past years.

With that smile Steve could sell me a camel and I'd use it for a phone :D
I am very interested in seeing the next product apple makes now that Steve has passed and am very interested in seeing how the company now carries on with innovation, its image to the public and its stock shares.

Steve you were a true inspiration man, we love you <3 R.I.P


  1. Steve Jobs is definitely an inspiration, and the Edison of our time. He will be greatly missed.

  2. Definitely! I actually felt really sad when I heard of his passing, feels as if we have lost a true genius :(