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Uncharted: Drakes Fortune Review

Before the review

Jak and Daxter, check it out on PS2 :D
Uncharted 3 is one of the most anticipated games coming this year and for me personally, is one I'm dying to play. The ability of the Uncharted series in providing a cinematic, movie-like experience is un-paralleled and this has made the series one of the biggest new IP's of this generation. Lets go back to the time when the PS3 had just came out and Naughty Dog (the company who makes Uncharted) was now making their first new IP since Jak and Daxter.

Uncharted: Drakes Fortune began on a bit of a scary ground with everyone thinking 'tomb raider and Indiana Jones' immediately as they saw the game. The game had a bit of an up hill battle due to that criticism and with sheer quality alone defeated the criticism (or did it?).

The game has an interesting story which does actually make you care about characters. The story although is a little clich├ęd still makes you care for it due to the characters and voice acting of the game. The game really makes you love the characters as if they were characters from a TV show you watch consistently, which is an extremely tough thing to do and so Naughty Dog should be commended for this achievement.

Ahh sully, you player :)
The character of Drake is very interesting, he's funny, witty, smart, makes the right decisions at the right times and has a way with women which makes us all chuckle. Other characters such as Victor Sullivan are brilliantly executed and make you really like the chemistry between the characters. This is a game which will make you soak into your seat and await the next witty comment about what you just experienced as you will want to hear what the characters have to say about your actions ... yeah the game makes you care that much about the characters.

The graphics are beautiful, with vibrant leaves reflecting glowing sunlight under the shadows of the trees. The water is super realistic and is a delight to walk and swim into as it actually wets your clothes (now thats cool!).  Next to the graphics being freakin' beautiful, the animations are amazing as Drake is super realistic and has a massive batch of animations which keep surprising you as your ducking into cover constantly in different ways.

What's a game without good game play? Uncharted's game play is really fun as it nails the 3rd person shooter game play and makes other games like 'tomb raider' and 'resident evil 5' look primitive in gameplay comparison. The game is super smooth to control as you jump, climb, shoot, duck, throw grenades and do all at once while remaining control of the action at the same time.

The plat forming is fun but it can get boring at times when it starts getting repetitive, however whenever that happens, Drake throws in a line or two and makes the climb entertaining. The game is quite unoriginal as it doesn't do a lot of new things but what it does, it does brilliantly which makes us enjoy this game much more than the other games it might have taken inspiration from.Other than that, some controls like throwing grenades are extremely 'wonky' and the motion sensor controls suck quite a lot. You can turn them off after your done trying them once and boasting about your motion technology (yeah you would boast about motion if it was 2007).

The game play although fun, does get repetitive in Uncharted till your almost near the end where the game throws a massive turn on you and changes everything. That change is very surprising and is very welcome. The puzzles are fun to do and are cool to get through at-least once due to a clever use of Drakes journal.

Uncharted is not full of fresh new ideas but it does its deal brilliantly. It's an 8-9 hour long game with alright amounts of replay value due to some collectibles and videos (no online), some may consider that short and I don't really disagree but at the end of the day, this is one game that will bring you back to it constantly due to its quality.

Oh one last tid bit, the game is extremely cheap now.. especially in Sony's Uncharted 1 & 2 packs so .. Buy this game.

I give Uncharted Drakes Fortune 8 Historic Journals out of 10


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  1. Buy this game indeed. Still working on my Platinum for it.