Monday, 31 October 2011

Halloween 1978 Review

Could any movie be any more appropriate to review tonight? I think not :]

Halloween, a masterpiece which everyone has talked about for decades and now I review it.. people have already said pretty much all there is to this movie and I don't want to repeat what they have said, so heres my review full of odd tid bits which I found amusing or annoying.

[There are going to be spoilers here but hey if Halloween hasn't already been spoiled for you, you must have been living under a rock for the past couple decades]

The movie opens quite nicely, I liked the way the film 180's us in the beginning by building tension around a killer lurking, which leads us to imagine a massive man holding a bloody machete which although turns out partially true.. Still surprises the hell out of us as the killer is a little boy and not the psychopath we were imagining.

Say 'totally' one more time .. 
The film really builds the characters off well and that makes us care about them (actually, can't say that for all of them, some of them are f*ing annoying). The main character Laurie, we can connect with her as she is the 'little nice geeky person who studies, wants to do a bit more but is a little too shy to do so' type of person which I find very easy to sympathise with. Also, Donald Pleasence steals the show as his acting connects us with the core of the film, especially due to his role as Michaels doctor. The one line he makes about Michaels eyes displaying no emotion and true evil is quite spooky and brilliantly sets the mood.

The killings in the film are a little twisted as the character never speaks much at all and the brutality of the kills only emphasises the freaky effect the silence of the character brings. I especially liked the kill where Michael killed the annoying slut brutally, put her on a bed and put a gravestone over her.

The dialogue is a little annoying from one character, just one. The annoying slut of a friend Laura has, the character says "Totally" so many times that when Michael finally silenced her, I gave a standing ovation to Mikey (yes I'm nicknaming him).

The final chase scene is quite intense and ends the movie quite well. Across the movie, the theme of Halloween is consistently set and builds an atmosphere connected with the holiday. One last thing I absolutely loved was the way all the houses belonging to the characters, are on one street and so when characters move from one location to the next. Its literally crossing the street, and this small set up not only makes the area more memorable for us but also, builds an atmosphere for the movie where we feel truly indulged into the atmosphere.

Halloween is a great movie which still holds up as good if not better than today's horror films... Goes and looks at the new 2010 Nightmare on Elm Street... F*ck it! Halloween holds up better than most horror films ever made and if your even mildly interested in horror movies.. Check this out.

I give Halloween 10 Totally's out of 10



  1. A classic for sure. My girlfriend and some friends of mine spent the evening before watching really cheesy horror movies like Leprechaun and such. They're so bad they should be labeled as comedies.

  2. Haha I love cheesy horrors, Try a movie called troll 2 sometime :P!