Thursday, 27 October 2011

The worst perfume ever made :l 'Dior Poison'

        When they said poison, I thought they were joking...

I was walking around trying out the new perfumes in Selfridge's, the day was bright, vibrant, I was having quite a good time with my friends until I tried this perfume. IT was there on a shelf, I didn't notice, IT had chosen me as its new victim. Thinking, it was my own idea to try this new creation, I went over, looked for a card and found none.. Desperate in my attempts I sprayed IT on my hand.

I hand has not been the same ever since..

IT planted itself onto my right hand, only growing stronger by the minute. My veins, pulsing green, being suppressed by this abomination. What witchcraft conjured this curse in our land, who could be so cruel to create something so diabolical.

If you want to imagine what this satanic ass-crack smells like, imagine this...

A cheap broken down wh*rehouse in Mexico's most poverty induced land. Next to the wh*rehouse is a damp alleyway, damp of all the fungus and animals that have been murdered in the alley. A pr*stitute wearing cheap perfume was thrown into the alleyway and murdered while she vomited the alcohol she had drank. The pr*stitues vomit and blood was cleaned up by a floor mop. The floor mop was then used to clean the infested toilets of that house. The mop now sits in a wooden shed, its raining at night, the sheds wood is damp and fungus infested. The mop now multicoloured between the fungus green, vomit yellow and toilet brown dirt on it is concentrating its collected 'scent'. Every passing night, more rain drops fall onto the shed, dampen it further, only helping the mop concentrate its scent further more...

That is how the perfume smelt, it got stronger per minute and it got so bad that I didn't use my right hand for dinner that night.

Dior doesn't know how to do jokes so next time they write 'poison' on something.. I won't make the same mistake again.    

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