Thursday, 22 December 2011

Cirque Du Freak

Darran Shan's 'Cirque Du Freak' is a very interesting book and was one of the first books I ever borrowed from the library to read. The book although not very innovative with new ideas, still stays enjoyable. What Darren Shan creates is a very nice story with twists and turns you will not expect.. and the characters, while the main character is not anything too interesting and is purposely empty so that children and teens reading the book can project themselves into him, still gets annoying at times. However the other characters do make up for this as they are mysterious in all the right ways to keep you interested in the story.

The best thing about the book is atmosphere, Shan creates one of the most spooky and memorable atmospheres I have ever read. It is almost like reading Harry Potter for the first time and creating Hogwarts in your mind, almost that level of brilliance. I constantly have images of the towns and the cirque pop into my head months and years after I have read the book.

Conclusively the book is an amazing read, is great for re reading too and proves that the old vampires who can't super model can still be interesting. I recommend this book for children and teenagers. Any older and you might just find this too clich├ęd and you might just hate the main character too much.

Author: Darren Shan
Definitely buy it from Waterstones :)

Ohh and one last tid bit, DO NOT watch the movie.

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