Friday, 30 December 2011

inFamous Festival of Blood Review

An inFamous game on the ps store, awesome.

I like this game, there you go, no suspense, no paragraphs for you to read through to find the answer. Now heres a little something to explain why I like this game and why you should too!

inFamous Festival of Blood does not take itself seriously and thats a good thing, the game uses this heavily in its story which is quite comedic and entertaining; turns out to be more entertaining than the inFamous 1 & 2 stories. The gameplay is just like inFamous 2 but has a couple tweeks which add some vampire powers. These powers are bloody brilliant (pun intended). After playing Festival of Blood I wish I could use the bat flying power in inFamous 2, it is so fun and is exactly the type of power 'Cole' needed to give the game a fresh feel again.

The graphics are just like the previous installments in the franchise which is great as the inFamous franchise has stellar quality. Next to that Festival of blood boasts an amazing art style with the neon lights, the dark red sky and the gothic look on some scenery & people. This truly brings back the feel of old horror movies like 'the lost boys' and even slasher movies like 'A nightmare on elm street'. As a fan of horror, I was delighted as I flew, yes flew with bat powers, to the top of the tallest building and glared at the beautiful sight of the city at night.

The game adds a playstation move feature and honestly, it works really well! Of course it does not work as well as the dual shock 3 but I am sure it will be a fun add on which will run you for atleast an hour before getting boring. An hour may not sound like a lot but if you put it into context here in this small psn game, it means a lot.

The whole game being a small adventure may put some people off as it is only 1 and a half hours long if you do not do any of the side quests. This should not be a complain for a game that is £8/$10 though, if you compare 1 and a half hours of single story content with full retail games of today, you can see that festival of blood boats a good amount of play time. Other than the main story I spent around 3 hours in this game, playing user created missions, collected blood vials and just roaming this beauty Sucker Punch have created.

inFamous Festival of Blood is an amazing psn game and should definitely bought, especially when its on sales (like it is now for the 2011 christmas to late January sale)

I give inFamous Festival of Blood 9 and a half vampire teeth out of 10



  1. Blood Festival got rave reviews; it looks phenomenal. I still need to get my PS3 fixed, so that I can play it.

  2. ooo your ps3 is broken D:, as soon as it is fixed you should get this, its a short and satisfying so can easily fit into a busy schedule