Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Blogger Adsense doesn't really work for me

Okay so the blogger has the adsense feature where you get advertisements on your blog and apparently then get money from the adverts.

The way to get money is if people click on the advertisements and so 'earning' is so dependant on luck. Saying that its dependant on luck is a massive stretch as generally no one ever clicks on you adds. I have had over 500 views and no one ever clicked on an add. Sure for people with a thousand views a day they might make some money but man... This adsense doesn't work for me.

That was just a random spurt on adsense, I don't blog for money :3 if I did, I would have ran away by now due to the 'no-money-ness' :P..


  1. Yeah, same for me. I have had two clicks since I moved the Martian over to blogspot from Wordpress. As you pointed out though we don't blog for money, so it's all good.

  2. Yeah its awll good homie ;)

    That. Was my shot at being 'hip' :P