Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Playstation Network Down Again

Okay I just turned my playstation on to see the free downloads for the month ( yes i do that :3 ) , and well the networks down again!

This is pissing me off now, last time my details were apparently stolen or viewable illegally and I couldn't access any online features on my ps3 for months. This is especially annoying as I paid for my console and so its my right to expect a working online service.

I can still watch bbc iplayer on my ps3 and other tv so thats a good sign but Sony.. fix yo' sh*t! :l


  1. I turned mine on to download some DLC for Dragon Age and I was royally pissed at the network being down again. >:s

  2. Ahhh
    :/ its back up now though so we don't need to get heart-attacks :D