Monday, 19 September 2011

A little bit of positivity goes a long way...

I'm a very pessimistic person who always tells himself  'I f*cked up'. For a while it is bearable but then it just starts to tower over me and I feel depressed all the time, even if things are going well in my life.

Since a couple days I've been telling myself positive things such as 'cool, looks like everything will turn out well', I usually mix it with compliments such as 'nice one man, that was really amazing what you did there'. When I speak to myself and compliment myself, smile even if I don't want to, and overall just try feeling jolly... The happy feeling seeps in and I feel less depressed.

I would recommend just complimenting yourself, telling yourself positive things and trying to have a positive outlook if you are feeling depressed all the time. It really does help..


  1. I agree. It's the small steps towards peace of mind that make life easier. It can't all be about the doom and gloom. You have to find the "beauty in negative spaces."

  2. I love this comment man , Seether? :D